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March 29, 2011

Effects of Apartment Cleanliness on Impression Formation

How many times have you heard that nagging rhetorical question “What will others think if you don’t clean your room/apartment?” It seems that this question just calls for a rebellious teen-style answer – “Who cares?”. Or, “I’ll clean it when I want and for my own sake and not for others”. But really, what do people think when we let them in our messy apartments? Maybe they don’t care that much, like we all unsuccessfully tried to convince our mothers at some point. Or do they?

To do list: #1 Organize my books; photo by chotda

As discussed before, existing research suggests that elements of the built environment may reveal an occupant’s personality and that by using these elements as cues others may be able to accurately judge the occupant’s personality (see Home design and personality related). Following study by Harris and Sachau (2005) focused on the influence of apartment cleanliness on outsiders’ impressions of residents.

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