Environmental Psychology Related Online Courses

Something I was hoping for some time now is coming true. I’m very excited about the idea of free education available to all  that’s successfully being translated into action through web services such as Coursera and EdX (and other Massive online open courses). Since I work in education myself, I find it very inspiring to be able to”attend” lectures by different experts in different fields from all around the world. I realize again and again how much I love learning (and miss college sometimes) and often remember how some of the great professors I had throughout my education made a big impact on me by expanding my horizons and transferring their enthusiasm for their subjects to us students. This is why I often find myself trying to follow more online-courses than my time permits (and successfully finishing much less), but enjoying nonetheless.

by saikofish

University of Pennsylvania campus in fall; photo by saikofish

Only 3 months ago I was e-mailing to all the environmental psychology departments that offer doctoral programs which I wrote about before (at Surrey, Irvine, Brasilia, CUNY, Rome and Cornell) to ask if they were planning to  offer some environmental psychology related online courses . Most of them politely answered there wasn’t  any such plans for near future. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to learn that among many online courses University of Pennsylvania provides through  Coursera, there’s a new one about Designing Cities  that could be interesting to anyone who likes environmental psychology.

The course is 10 weeks long and starts on October 7th. Weekly topics include:

  • How Today’s City Evolved;
  • The Ideas That Shape Cities;
  • Tools for Designing Cities;
  • Making Cities Sustainable;
  • Cities in the Information Age;
  • Preserving Older Cities;
  • Designing New Cities, Districts and Neighborhoods;
  • The Challenges of Informal Cities and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods;
  • Visionary Cities.

If it sounds as good to you as it does to me, enroll with me! Let’s go “visit” Penn this fall and learn something new!


Designing Cities on Coursera

It’s also worth to note that during my correspondence with some of the environmental psychology departments, two professors referred me to prof. Stokols’ (of University of California, Irvine) lectures that are available here via i-tunes and here via YouTube. I already shared them in a post about Irvine, but I think it’s good to share them again here. And as I see some fresh resources on his site, I  encourage you to visit it as well.


Environmental Psychology at iTunes

Also, I believe that knowledge about architecture is inseparable from environmental psychology, and this course on EdX titled A Global History of Architecture: Part 1 sounds promising. And as I said in a post about getting a PhD in Rome, Roman architecture really is impressive. Here you can learn about Roman Architecture and Early Renaissance Architecture in Italy: from Alberti to Bramante.

4 Responses to “Environmental Psychology Related Online Courses”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these courses!
    I’m a brazilian architect and urbanist (in Brazil we graduate in both, but it’s a 5 year full time course) and now I’m taking my masters in Urbanism, studying enrivonmental psychology and the urban space, focused on streets.
    Did you see this course from Coursera https://www.coursera.org/course/maps ? It’s good to understand a bit about GIS, useful to make behavioral mapping.
    This site is also very helpful, but it’s in spanish: http://psicologiaambientalhoy.blogspot.com.br it contains lots of short videos about different themes in environmental psychology.

    • Hey Francis, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate you sharing these resources, both the course and the spanish site seem useful and interesting. I’ll find a way to translate those short videos somehow 🙂 I belive that, with your background, you surely have fresh opinions about many topics I write about (like, environmental psych in Brasil), so I’d be glad if you shared them when you have time. I love enviromental psychology, but I’m getting lazy with this blog as I’m getting busier with other things I do, however, since this is completey unprofitable and mostly unrelated to what I do “for real” it feels like a play to me – and I love when others join me 🙂


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