Environmental Psychology Related Online Courses – part IV (Sustainability)

Sustainable development is a popular (and important) MOOC topic – I’m happy to notice that the updates to my Environmental Psychology Related Online Courses list are getting longer, mostly due to that topic. Here are some new (or newly discovered) options for learning about different aspects of sustainability:


1. Introduction to Environmental Science at EdX

2. Environmental History at Saylor


3. Environmental Justice at Future Learn


4. Population Ecology at Saylor Academy


5. How Green Is That Product? An Introduction to Life Cycle Environmental Assessment at Coursera

6. Energy, the Environment, and Our Future at Coursera

7.Sustainability and Business Innovation at OpenSAP


8. Our Energy Future at Coursera


9. Coasts and Communities at Open Education

10. Urban Water – Innovations for Environmental Sustainability at EdX

11. Water in a Thirsty World at Open2Study

And a few to be added to your watchlist:

13. Introduction to Sustainability, Resilience, and Society at Canvas Network (currently closed)

14. Elements of Renewable Energy at Future Learn (currently closed)

15. Sustainability, society and you at Future Learn (currently closed)

16. Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals at Future Learn (currently closed)

17. Climate Change Science and Negotiations  at SDSNedu (currently closed)

18. Tackling the Global Food Crisis: Sustainable Agri-food Systems at Future Learn (currently closed)

19. Economic Issues, Food & You at Coursera (currently closed)

20. Growing our Future Food: Crops at EdX (currently closed)

21. Ocean Solutions at Coursera (currently closed)


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