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April 11, 2012

The Role of Restaurant Decor

Isn’t owning a small cafe or a restaurant just about everybody’s alternative dream career, one of those things you’d gladly try if you had an opportunity? Maybe not, maybe it’s just me. However, I’m sure you like to eat out occasionally at a nice place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Aria, Toronto: by Sifu Renka

My question is, how important is the restaurant environment for your dining experience? Whether you agree of not, Susskind & Chan (2000) found that food and decor are more strongly related to a high rating by customers than service. The importance of good food is self-evident, but, interestingly enough, many gourmets I know deny the importance of ambience for their satisfaction.

August 7, 2011

Second Home – Another Place for Another You? Gender Roles on Vacation

Do you every so often feel tied down by the routines and schedule of your everyday life to the degree that you just need to remove yourself from it all in order to get perspective? If there’ isn’t enough of a adventurist in you to pursue the impulse to just elope and go for a fresh start somewhere far far away when you’ve had it enough, you can go for the next best thing – vacation, a legitimate escape from your usual responsibilities, your usual life and your usual self.

Guiche, Portugal; photo by ilovefremont2001

And while you can feel the excitement and freedom of an escape when you take days off and just stay at home (think skipping classes at school), this article is about going away. It often seems to me that the need for the change of environment includes, among others, the need for the change within people, their habits and roles. Contrary to the popular saying that sometimes the only part of the world you can change is you, I belive that other times we go the other way around – travel to another part of the world in order to find the change within ourselves.

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